What good is a fully functioning greenhouse without the greenhouse supplies to keep it running day-in and day-out? From pots, flats, and containers, to fertilizers and pest control treatments, IGC has you covered here too. Don’t make the mistake of paying more for your greenhouse supplies somewhere else; let the people who know greenhouses keep you stocked with the tools of the trade.

Stay Ahead with Greenhouse Supplies from IGC

There’s no time like the present to make the switch to IGC for all your greenhouse supplies. We carry everything you need to keep the day-to-day functioning of your commercial greenhouse smooth and clean. Keep reading to learn more, or visit us at GreenhouseMegastore.com to shop our complete selection of greenhouse supplies.

Shade Cloth

Greenhouse Shade Cloth from International Greenhouse Company helps provide uniform shading for your plants, regulating high temperatures caused by constant, direct sunlight and allows your plants to retain more moisture.

Containers and Flats

IGC has every major style of flower pot, flat, or container, all at the lowest prices and available from quantities as low as 10 all the way to full pallets.


We carry both time-released Osmocote and water-soluble Jacks’s (Peter’s formula) fertilizers the keep your plants fed and healthy. Sprinkle Osmocote for several months of steady treatment or mix Jack’s for use with a fertilizer injector. Both available in all popular nutrient combinations and ready for you.

Pest Control

Whether it’s insects, fungus, or intrusive weeds, IGC has all the pest control solutions you expect to keep your plants growing trouble-free.

Soil and Amendments

Without the right growing medium, all your efforts and other greenhouse supplies will be for nothing! Choose from any of our soil-less Pro-Mix potting mediums to get your plants off on the right start. We also carry vermiculite, perlite, Soil Most and more to keep your plants happy at the source.

Growth Regulators

Don’t let transplanting or starting new cuttings get you down. Give your plants a little boost with any of our growth regulators or hormones.

More Greenhouse Supplies

Head over to our GreenhouseMegastore and shop from our extensive selection of greenhouse supplies to find exactly what you need to make your growing a success!