Our Mission

The purpose of IGC is to help individuals, small businesses and institutions realize the benefits of horticulture. We do this by providing information that is relevant and easily accessible along with making commercial quality horticultural products available at a price that makes the growing of plants rewarding and financially achievable.

How It All Started

International Greenhouse Company has it’s humble beginnings in the heating and air conditioning industry. Our founder, David George, Sr., became enamored with the idea of greenhouses while working for a small HVAC company in the Seattle, WA area. He viewed greenhouse growing as the next big step in agriculture, and one that would become ever more important as more people tried to cultivate crops in increasingly harsh climates. Since a greenhouse is basically one big experiment in air flow, the jump to greenhouses was an easy one.

In 1993, IGC was founded in Washington state and was operated out of Dave Sr.’s home office. Immediately, Dave Sr. pursued projects in India and China. Much of the early days at IGC were spent on greenhouse projects in these emerging economies, well before it became commonplace to conduct business there. IGC continued to grow, specifically domestically, and Dave Sr. enlisted two of his sons to help manage and conduct these construction projects.

A Pioneer in the Field

Dave Sr. was also an early adopter of the then emerging Internet, and built a website very early on in the main stream adoption of this new communication network. He correctly saw the value of the instantaneous communication and access to information that the Internet allowed, and worked hard to make IGC visible to those searching for information on greenhouses. To this day, IGC remains proud of it’s web presence and works diligently to stay ahead of our competition and current with the constantly evolving technology landscape that has become the modern Internet.

IGC continued on a healthy and rapid rate of growth through all of the next decade. In the mid-90s, the ability to do business anywhere provided by the Internet allowed Dave Sr. to move the company back to his boyhood home in Central Illinois, and by the early 00s IGC had grown enough to move out of Dave Sr.’s home and into it’s own offices.

Soon after this, IGC launched its school greenhouse program. This focus on the educational opportunities provided by a greenhouse has made IGC the go-to name for providing greenhouses to schools and universities, as well as research facilities and more. Hundreds of school districts and universities around the country have been able to expand or supplement their curriculum with the hands-on education made possible by a greenhouse.

At about the same time, IGC began offering containers and other items for sale through it’s website. This once again made IGC a sort of pioneer (certainly in the greenhouse industry), having adopted Internet ecommerce from the earliest of stages. Initially began as a supplement, online sales quickly became a part of the core business model for IGC.

Sad Days and New Beginnings

Sadly, Dave Sr. would not see the continued success of his business. He passed away in mid-2002, leaving IGC to his sons and headed by his oldest son, David George, Jr. By this time IGC had grown to employ close to a dozen people, many of them family members and all of them part of the close-knit IGC family. Without the leadership and vision of Dave Sr., IGC would not exist. He continues to be sorely missed every day.

Dave Jr. grew up in the Seattle area, and worked incredibly hard to put himself through school with training in accounting. He left a CFO position at a prominent Washington non-profit to move himself and his young family to Illinois and head IGC.

Dave Jr. immediately invested in technology at IGC, spinning off online sales from IGC to their own website. That website was and continues to be GreenhouseMegastore.com, a leading source for greenhouse growers and gardeners to find all the supplies they need to be successful. Greenhouse Megastore has undergone many iterations and continues to be under constant development. It has grown to become a pillar of IGC’s success in the greenhouse industry and in modern ecommerce.

This focus on Internet sales, while continuing to be and industry leader in providing greenhouse structures, saw IGC grow by leaps and bounds. It quickly outgrew office space and added more personnel. Today, IGC has grown into a multi-million dollar company that employs a close-knit group of 20 individuals. Each one is highly specialized in their field of expertise, allowing IGC to keep overhead low. This savings is passed along to every single one of our customers.

The People Who Know Greenhouses

IGC continues to carry on Dave Sr.’s legacy of hard work, integrity, and old-fashioned family values every day with our commitment to customer service and knowledgeable greenhouse sales. Most of our employees have direct personal experience with the products we sell, having built or used them themselves. This is why IGC prides itself on personable, experienced advice from real people who have been in the customer’s shoes.

IGC is proud of it’s history, and is proud to be a successful homegrown American business. We work hard every day to provide our customers with the level of service they deserve and have come to expect from IGC. Please, feel free to call us at 1-888-281-9337 to discuss how IGC can help you with your next greenhouse project.