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International Greenhouse Company (IGC) is now known as Greenhouse Megastore

Originally known as International Greenhouse Company, Greenhouse Megastore has been building commercial greenhouses around the country and around the world for the past 22 years. During this time period, hundreds of greenhouse projects have been completed in almost every state and several different countries. In 2001, this wealth of knowledge was tapped in order to launch an online web store for greenhouse growers to purchase structures and supplies for their commercial growing operations. In 2003 our rapidly growing web store at igcusa.com was moved to our GreenhouseMegastore.com domain which has since become one of the best known and trusted brands in the online greenhouse community.

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What We Do

International Greenhouse Company is a leading industry provider of greenhouse structures for use in educational, institutional, retail, and research applications, as well as knowledgeable technical advice, and friendly, professional customer service. We pride ourselves on the fact that when you call IGC, you speak to a real person. Not only that, the person you speak with has detailed experience with every single one of our products so is able to help you in ways other places can’t.

IGC specializes in full turnkey solutions for your greenhouse projects. We help you with every step, starting with project design, through construction and to completion. We have several pre-configured greenhouse packages available here and at our GreenhouseMegastore, complete with pricing and detailed information. Get an idea what your project is going to cost and what will be included by looking at this information, or you can go ahead and purchase one of these pre-configured packages online.

If one of these packages doesn’t suit you, IGC can prepare a custom quote just for you. A member of the IGC Sales Team will work closely with you to design a greenhouse that most closely matches your requirements, and present you with a detailed, no-hassle quote to work from.

IGC can also help you equip or retrofit your existing structures with a complete line of equipment and supplies. No matter your needs or level of experience, IGC is there to help you get what you need. Call a member of our knowledgeable Sales Team today at 1-888-281-9337, and let us help you get started on your next greenhouse project.