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Northern Starter Greenhouse Package

Northern Starter Greenhouse Package

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30′ Wide x 40′ or 60′ Long x 14′ Height (4′ or 6′ sidewall)

The Northern Starter Greenhouse Package (Ranger Series 2000 Greenhouse) can provide year-round production for propagation and growing, retail garden centers, aqua culture, and provides the most square footage for the dollar as an instructional or institutional greenhouse. The frame of this structure is constructed from galvanized steel roll-formed components. The difference between the Northern and Economy Starter Packages is the Northern version is COMPLETELY covered with 8mm twinwall polycarbonate instead of using poly film on the roof and sidewalls. If your budget can’t handle the Northern Package at this time, choose the Economy Starter Package. Your roof can always be retro-fitted with 8mm polycarbonate at a later time when your greenhouse is turning a profit.

Package Includes

  • Complete frame with 8mm polycarbonate twin-wall covering on the endwalls, sidewalls, and roof
  • (1) 3′ x 6′-8″ storm door
  • (2) Exhaust Fans
  • (3) Motorized Inlet Shutters
  • (1) Heating Thermostat
  • (1) 2 Stage Cooling Stat
  • (1) Modine PTP200 High Efficiency Gas Unit Heater (Natural Gas or Propane)
  • (2) Horizontal Air Flow Fans
  • Complete assembly instructions
  • Electrical wiring diagram showing details of all equipment connections

Assembly Options

  1. Build the greenhouse with your students and boosters who have construction experience or hire a local contractor to erect the structure. Components supplied are pre-cut and drilled. Step-by-step installation instructions are included. IGC provides online and telephone support to answer any questions you may have.
  2. IGC has an experienced greenhouse construction team to assemble the greenhouse and install all working components. Turnkey Greenhouse Construction by International Greenhouse Company allows you to spend time managing your business instead of running a construction project.
  3. A combination of (1) and (2). IGC can begin the project by setting the column posts and your students, boosters, or contractor can complete the rest of the structure with IGC supervision. For information on how best to plan your greenhouse assembly and construction prices, call a Sales Representative toll-free at 1-888-281-9337.


All Ranger Greenhouses are engineered to meet 70 mph wind and you can choose from 10, 20, or 30 pound live load per the UBC Building Code. The free style gothic arch is designed to reduce roof snow build-up and provide maximum headroom. All galvanized steel frame insures maximum strength and life. Lexan twin-wall polycarbonate covering is UV resistant and carries a 10-year warranty against discoloration.

Structural Design Features

Superior Strength Rollformed Technology

Rollformed components incorporate the same design principle applied to industrial “I” Beams. Engineered to be longer than wide, these rollformed members offer substantially greater resistance to the deflection causing forces of rain, snow and wind when compared to conventional greenhouse components.

Patented Condensate Removal Systems

As condensation forms inside a greenhouse, it runs down the roof until it reaches an obstacle such as a purlin. In standard greenhouse designs, the condensate falls to earth upon contact with the purlin. Our truss and purlin assemblies, however, incorporate unique built-in anti-drip channels which intercept the condensate, effortlessly directing it away from people and plants.

Free Shipping – Anywhere in the Continental United States

Shipments to Alaska or Hawaii qualify for free shipping to any West Coast port. Please contact IGC Sales Representative for special shipping rates from the West Coast to Alaska or Hawaii.