Nursery Containers, Flats, Flower Pots, and Hanging Baskets from IGC

International Greenhouse Company has a large selection of flower and plant pots, hanging baskets, biodegradable pots, nursery containers, nursery flats and inserts, growing pouches and bags, decorative pots and planters, flower pot covers, potting packages, plant labels, and oasis rootcubes. Choose from injection molded greenhouse pots, flats and inserts to decorative plant pots for your house and patio.

Standard Plastic Pots »

International Greenhouse Company carries a wide variety of flower and plastic pots with matching saucers, injection-molded azalea and orchid pots, carrying trays, and growing pots in various shapes and sizes. Great prices when you order large quantities or smaller hobby packs.

Nursery Containers »

Elite blow-molded nursery containers are ideal for small shrubs, perennials and tropicals at an amazingly low price. Metric sized Euro Pots feature tri-level bottom drainage and an attractive two-tone finish with a heavy duty rim. Our Greenhouse Megastore also stocks environmentally friendly Fiber-Grow Nursery Pots for container-grown or field-grown stock. They are easy to handle, attractive and tough.

Flats, Trays, Inserts »

Traditional sized thermoformed 1020 Trays are designed to allow community watering of pots featuring consistent bottom & side positioned drainage holes (or no holes) and easy, two-finger denesting. 1020 Daisy Trays are also available. Choose Traditional Inserts in several configurations that fit the 1020 Trays or environmentally friendly Fiber Grow Garden Pak Strips, full soil volume fiber bedding plant inserts, for use in a standard 1020 flat. We also stock more rigid structure TLC Plug Flats and Trays which are compatible with most automatic seeders and transplanters.

Biodegradable Pots »

It’s easy being green with International Greenhouse Company’s biodegradable pots. Choose from innovative cow pots made from odor-free, 100% composted cow manure or environmentally friendly fiber pots that breathe like clay for healthy root development. We also stock standard Coir pots made from coconut husks.

Decorative Pots and Planters »

Dillen Color Pots, Panterra Planters, Tuscan Planters, Patio Planters, and more. A wide selection of durable resin pots and planters with realistic clay, stone, and textured finishes in round, oval, square and decorative shapes. Also available are environmentally friendly Fiber Grow and AquaSav Planters.

Hanging Baskets »

IGC has traditional smooth-sided, saucerless hanging baskets that will not crack or break under normal use. Also available in our Greenhouse Megastore are attractive clay colored Centabella hanging pots, Fiber Grow hanging baskets, and wire baskets with Coco fiber liners.

Growing Pouches and Bags »

Durable Grow Bags are a low-cost alternative to plastic pots and are widely used in greenhouse drip irrigation applications. They include pre-punched drain holes and easily stand upright when filled with media. Al’s Flower Pouches have tough UV protection that will withstand the sun for an entire growing season. Or use natural Organic Coco Grow Bags which expand to 10″ x 10″ x 8″. Perfect for indoor or outdoor growing of veggies, fruits, herbs – just add water, seeds or starts and let them grow!

Potting Accessories »

Choose corrosion free metal garden stakes for permanent labeling or plastic plant labels made from high impact recycled styrene.Our ‘Garden Markers’ are fast drying, waterproof and contain ultraviolet filters for maximum fade resistance. These pens are xylene free which makes them environmentally friendly and write on wood, plastic, metal, glass, porcelain and many other materials.