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Need a portable electric heater for your hobby greenhouse or even your garage? Maybe you need a steam heater, or gas unit heater to hang from the ceiling. International Greenhouse Company is one of the leading online suppliers of HVAC products. We supply a full range of commercial quality forced air unit heaters for greenhouse heating as well as warehouse heaters, garage heaters or heating any commercial space.

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Portable or Outdoor Heaters »

We carry a wide variety of portable heaters that are perfect for smaller spaces, temporary or permanent heating needs. These portable heaters can be used in multiple applications. Select from either Electric or Propane Heat.

  • Electric Unit Heaters
    17,000 to 171,000 BTUH of heat with Modine electric unit heaters. These electric heaters are lightweight and usually require no special reinforcement to suspend them. Easy to install – just hang the heater, connect to power supply, controls and thermostat and it is ready to operate. Select from either HER horizontal delivery heater or VE vertical delivery heater.

Garage or Residential Heaters »

  • Modine Distributor
    International Greenhouse Company is a distributor for Modine gas unit heaters and Modine electric unit heaters, including Modine’s highly popular Hot Dawg Heater. You can also buy electric heaters and gas heaters from other manufacturers in our Greenhouse Megastore.
  • Electric Radiant Heaters
    We have a wide variety of electric radiant heaters that provide efficient radiant heat for both indoor and outdoor applications. Perfect solution for heating small areas or spot heating.
  • Hot Dawg Heaters
    24,000 to 60,000 BTUH of heat to keep your garage, greenhouse, or pole barn nice and cozy. Whisper Quiet Operation is perfect for any heating application and low profile design assures fit in tight places. Power vented with automatic spark ignition for highest efficiency. Select from either Natural Gas or Propane Heat.
  • Gas Unit Heaters
    30,000 to 400,000 BTUH rated gas unit heaters offer great performance and value for heating greenhouses, warehouses, garages or any commercial space. Both gravity vented heaters and power vented heaters will give many years of dependable use.
  • Modine Explosion Proof Heater
    Modine HEX 4 Series “Explosion-Proof” Horizontal Delivery Unit Heaters are designed for rugged industrial applications in hazardous locations where the possibility of explosion or fire exists due to the presence of flammable gases, vapors, powdered metals or dusts.Heaters are UL Listed for Class I, Division 1 & 2, Group D; Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F, and G; Class II, Division 2, Groups F & G Hazardous Locations. Explosion-proof heaters are designed for rugged industrial applications such as oil refineries, petrochemical plants, pulp and paper mills, coal mines, grain elevators, etc… where specific explosive gases or dusts are present.

Greenhouse Heaters »

Commercial Heaters »

  • Oil Fired Unit Heaters
    100,000 to 185,000 BTUH of heat. These oil-fired units offer a reliable means of heating in areas of the country where supplies of other fuels may be unavailable. Units require either No. 1 or No. 2 grade fuel oil and feature an aluminized steel heat exchanger and electric spark ignition.
  • Separated Combustion Heaters
    Available in 130,000 to 340,000 BTUH rating. These separated combustion, high efficiency propeller driven unit heaters are specifically designed for buildings with hostile atmospheric conditions such as chemicals, high humidity or negative pressure. Combustion air is brought into these units from outside the heated area, eliminating the need to use contaminated indoor air for combustion.
  • Infared Heaters
    Select from 27,000 to 160,000 BTUH models in both natural and propane gas. Heat your plants not the air with this high quality gas fired infrared heater from Modine. Each heater features high temperature diamond-faced ceramic tiles, polished aluminum reflectors, 16 gauge aluminized steel frame, direct spark ignition, 115v power source and CSA rated.
  • Hot Water / Steam Unit Heaters
    18,000 to 952,000 BTUH of heat. Modine model HC hot water/steam heaters have side inlet and outlet for low-clearance and model HS hot water/steam heaters have top and bottom supply. These units are ideal for heating buildings with large open areas and low ceilings. They are used to counter heat loss along outside building walls, especially where windows are present.

Industrial Heaters »

International Greenhouse Company can provide duct furnaces and direct-fired or indirect-fired make-up air systems, with heating capacities up to 7,862,000 Btu/hr. These large industrial heaters are available in indoor and outdoor configurations, with air-handling capacities as high as 60,000 CFM.

  • High Efficiency Gas Unit Heaters
    Specifically designed for greenhouse or agricultural applications while converting 99% of its fuel into clean heat energy. The superior fuel efficiency of this GreenGro heater will reduce energy costs. Features dependable, fuel-efficient spark ignition and a powerful, long reaching blower fan. Select from NG or LP gas models.

Agricultural Heaters »

Heating Controls »

Heating Accessories »