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Fan and Shutter Sizing and Installation

How Do I Size My Fan And Shutters System?

If you are uncertain of the fan size you need, view the information below to see instructions on how to determine the CFM needed for your greenhouse. If you still have questions about which products to choose, please contact an IGC customer service representative toll-free at 1-888-281-9337.

  1. The first thing that you need to determine is the amount of air required. This is stated in CFM (Cubic Feet of Air per Minute).
  2. Use the following formula to determine the CFM required for your greenhouse:
    CFM = Length x Width x 12
    Example: Greenhouse 12′ wide and 24′ long requires 3456 CFM (12 x 24 x 12)
  3. Reference the above table. Select the appropriate combination of fan(s) to achieve the necessary CFM rating. Be sure to match the total CFM output for your exhaust fan(s) to the CFM ratings for your Inlet Shutters.

Fan Installation Diagram

Fan Installation Diagram<