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Need exhaust fans for your greenhouse or circulation fans for cooling your greenhouse or warehouse? Maybe you need an evaporative cooler, misting fans, or portable fans you can move around and store when you aren’t using fans. International Greenhouse Company is one of the leading online suppliers of greenhouse fans and cooling systems for greenhouse cooling, livestock or poultry barn cooling, or ventilation systems for warehouses. IGC supplies commercial quality motorized shutter fans, circulation fans, portable fans, misting fans and evaporative coolers to remove heat from small to large structures.

International Greenhouse Company has everything you need to build a complete Glacier-Cor Evaporative Cooling System (wet wall). We also supply replacement Glacier-Cor pads and Aspen pads as well as pumps and plumbing for Evap Pad Systems.

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Exhaust Greenhouse Fans »

Small, medium or large volume exhaust fans will distribute fresh air and provide cooling for almost any hobby, commercial, industrial or agricultural application. The thermally protected, totally enclosed motors and heavy duty housings in these greenhouse fans will hold up for years to come.

Inlet Shutters »

Evaporative Cooling »

Cool your greenhouse, workshop or outbuilding with a durable evaporative cooler (or swamp cooler). Our evaporative coolers deliver more CFM (cubic feet per minute of air) for each watt of energy consumed than comparative competitive models. Through-wall, window, and portable evaporative coolers available.

  • Evaporative Cooling Wet Wall System
    Exhaust fans pull outside air through this “wet wall” to cool your greenhouse. Available in an aluminum evap pad system or self-contained PVC evap pad system. Choose from a 3′ tall package or build your own evaporative cooling wall system from scratch. Replacement pumps and pads available.

Misting and Fogging »

High capacity foggers designed to condition the air without wetting surfaces or specific objects… models for both indoor and outdoor applications. Produce a true fog for humidification, evaporative cooling or chemical application in many different industries. Kits are also available to convert circulation fans to misting fans.

Cooling Controls »

Circulation Fans and HAF Fans »

Circulate air to encourage healthy plant growth by increasing CO2 availability while reducing disease and mildew caused by excessive moisture. Promote uniform temperature throughout your greenhouse, livestock barn, poultry barn, or commercial warehouse… perfect for high-humidity applications.

  • Portable Fans
    The perfect solution when a portable circulation fan is needed for high-humidity applications such as greenhouses or animal holding facilties. Oscillating and non-oscillating pedestal fans are available, as well as industrial grade portable drum fans.

Cooling Accessories »

Ventilation Solutions »

  • Natural Ventilation Systems
    Maximize the benefits of natural ventilation with motorized roll-up curtains or an inflatable Poly-Vent ventilation system for use in either sidewall or endwall applications. Replacement pumps, motors and accessories can be purchased in our store. Also inquire about ridgevents available on some models of greenhouses.
  • Poly-Vent Side Wall System
    Poly-Vent® is an innovative alternative to inefficient and cumbersome roll-up vents. Heavy-duty, clear, UV-stabilized polyethylene opens from the top down without any moving parts except for small blowers. It can be thermostatically controlled and acts as an insulator with six inches of dead air space when inflated.
    Poly-Vent® provides an energy efficient, airtight seal the full length of the vent opening. Start giving your plants all the fresh air they need. Poly-Vent® II is a single-stage system that can be either fully closed or fully open, allowing total ventilation. This system works with an optional one-stage thermostat.

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