Polyethylene Film Installation

Installation of POLY on Single Arch Buildings

1. On single buildings roll out POLY lengthwise next to building.

2. Wad up POLY (approx. every 20 ft.) and tie with ropes on side of POLY furthest from building.

3. Throw ropes over building and pull POLY onto building. Repeat for multiple layers of poly.

4. Installing POLY requires a minimum of 4 people. Two people hold the POLY in place at the end of the building (one on each side). The other two people, starting at the opposite end of the building, install the Tube Lock Cap simultaneously on each side of the building.

5. Secure Tube Lock Cap with Tek Screws at each end.

Installation of POLY on Multiple Arched Buildings

1. Place POLY roll on pipe suspended between saw horses at end of building. Tape up sharp edges on end of building.

2. Installing POLY on the roof requires a minimum of 4 people. Two people pull the POLY onto the roof and two people walk POLY to the opposite end of the building and hold in place. Two people secure each side of the building with Tube Lock Cap, starting on POLY roll side.

3. Secure the Tube Lock Cap with Tek Screw at each end.

4. For multiple layers of POLY, pull the second sheet onto the first in the same manner.

Installation of POLY on Sidewalls and Endwalls

1. Roll out the POLY on the side of the building.

2. Lift POLY to the top Tube Lock and secure with Tube Lock Cap. Then secure bottom of the POLY to the bottom Tube Lock with Cap. Secure the Caps to the Tube Lock with Tek Screws on each end.

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