Build and Maintain a Quality Commercial Greenhouse or Greenhouse Kit from International Greenhouse Company

IGC has been building commercial greenhouses around the country and around the world for the past 18 years. During this time period, hundreds of greenhouse projects have been completed in almost every state and several different countries. Our team has decades of combined expertise through every phase of the commercial greenhouse project, from project design, to permitting, to construction, to equipping and training. We are confident you will value our expertise and find our prices lower than any of our competitors. Quite simply, there is no better place to go for this level of experience and detail for your commercial greenhouse project than IGC.

Commercial Greenhouses

Commercial GreenhousesIGC offers a complete line of commercial greenhouses designed for commercial growers, retail stores, schools and universities, scientific research, landscaping, and more.
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Greenhouse Construction

Greenhouse ConstructionDon’t waste time and money hiring an inexperienced construction crew. Our greenhouse construction options are considered a “must” by many.
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Greenhouse Equipment

Greenhouse EquipmentIGC carries all the heavy-duty greenhouse equipment that serious growers need. Heating, cooling…everything is here, in one place and at the best price.
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Greenhouse Supplies

Greenhouse SuppliesMake the switch to IGC for all your greenhouse supplies. We carry everything you need to keep your greenhouse running smooth and painlessly.
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Why Are We The People Who Know Greenhouses

Anyone can “just” sell you a greenhouse. But the experts at IGC do more than “just” sell you a commercial greenhouse at a great price. We can help you design and equip your project. We can assist in applying for any grants that might be available. We will conduct a completely professional and successful construction process. We can provide training that will help you use your new commercial greenhouse to its full potential. And, we can supply you with everything you need to keep your greenhouse operating smoothly. In short, we provide a complete turnkey solution. Browse our site and learn how we can help you transform your commercial greenhouse project from concept to reality.